Start Your Own Business

Hello Potential Business Owner,

EJADA has a new program that will work for anyone whether you are seasoned sales person or a beginner looking to supplement your income. Our proven products will take you to the highest level you want to succeed; it is all up to you. We provide you with everything you need to know to make money in swap meet, show case parties, and yard sales. You get four proven programs that will have you making money right away.


We stand behind every product and guarantee the best quality products for your sales. Don’t hesitate order your kit today and get started on a bright future. Earn as much as you can using seasonal brochures, catalog sales or use eBay to increase your sale potential.

You can start your own business with just a $45.00 deposit. There are thousands of products to please you and your customers. At EJADA you can always save even it is just shopping for you or family members.

Your $45.00 refundable deposit which gives you full access to our merchandise and our programs, the low wholesale prices and the satisfaction knowing you are selling the highest quality merchandise at low prices. This is valuable information no matter which form of sales you choose. There is no better deal than a refundable deposit to start or increase your business sales. You have a choice stay on the side line or start a new path for your life with EJADA Specialty Merchandise, for information @

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