Wake Up To Good News!

I am always looking for stories to help remind us that a small thing can make a big difference in our day, well, I am waking a lot of mornings at around 4:30 a.m. but this morning I was woke in time to hear the overnight news right before 4:00 a.m. and I am glad I was because I got a chance to hear this story which is another story that renews my faith in parents in this Country.

Parents remember that your children are listening to the good, the bad and the ugly that you teach them in the home before they go out your door! In my neighborhood I often hear cars with children in them with the loud music and when they use the words they here at home and in school you want to get angry, you can not because they are learning it from you, smoking blunts you can smell while the children are in the home, but you get angry when your children do not well in school, remember you set the stage for their life, I think you get it.

Back to the story of this young beautiful little girl Young teaches the old

Ziarra Griffin posed at an art festival with the work of one of her favorite artists. Griffin is a sixth grader at Houghten Academy in Buffalo, New York, and left a note on a car after her school bus driver hit it and drove off.

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