My eyes do not see Make America Great Again!, my eyes see a business man in a board run willing not to negotiate with his employees or the Union, but the only thing is that this is not a voluntary strike or walk out this is forced lost of income from one of the most secure and covenant positions in the Country. There was a time when people thought if I get a job with the Government I am secure for life, and my family is taken care of even until retirement so what employment is secure now. What part of this is Making America Great?  No one wants to tell their children we have to depend on the food banks that collected monies and food for people in natural disaster or lose their home in fire that we have to ask for help for food from the food bank and any other source willing to help. Does the face of your child see Make America Great?

Not Making America Great

Bought to you by EJADA

I will add one more item to this story because I can not understand why after all that has happened in a negative way since Trump has been in office his approval rating has not went down lower than it has and may I just say to all that put him in office “WHAT WAS YOU THINKING DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO HIS SPEACHES?”Approval Rating

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