Sharing Laughter Thru Pain

There is someone that needs a smile more than I do and that’s saying a lot because I hurt everyday from what they ask rate your pain well I am always at a 5 to 15 but I find that children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren if you are fortunate enough as I am to have all that in your life can take away some of that pain. I was in Michgan waking up to my grandaughter and she wanted to watch Moana I didn’t know what that was but I pulled it up and watched it with her. I got back home and the song How Far I’ll Go would not leave me. So this morning when I was in pain I pulled the movie up for me remembering what my father said was the best wasy to start your day  with a cartoon so, I let Moana be mine because she had a lot to overcome, someone else that needs a smile this morning so here you go.

It has come full circle                   Sheneta&Jermaine1

How Far I’ll Go        Jermaine and Sheneta

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