Here Comes The Two Step

I am happy to hear that the Government is running at full capacity again and I am not surprised that holding this Country hostage did not get a wall built because this Country already has a policy in place as to not negotiate with Terrorist , so when I see confirmation to what we all already know that President Trump is not fit to run this Country it makes me say Hum…Not Fit

In this video can you hear the half-hearted hand clapping when President Trump announces that he is reopening the government and make America Great Again until February 15, 2019 get your TAXES DONE TODAY!, because after all it is Trump speaking and his step changes fast. Shutdown Over  Blah Blah Blah.. Walls work but don’t hold a Country Hostage! DON”T YOU BELIEVE HIM!!!! I don’t know who is the we he is speaking about it was him that shut down the Government.

Bought to you by : EJADA

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