What Is Peace To You?

Peace is not just a border wall it is knowing you can keep a roof over your head and the head of your family, it is knowing that you can feed your family, it is knowing you can sleep safely at night without worrying what tomorrow will bring because you don’t know the next thing your President may decide to do. What will happen after 21 days?

It is statements made by the President like this that bother me “The president said federal workers will get back pay “quickly or as soon as possible.” He has already signed legislation to give back pay to those who were furloughed or forced to work without pay. ” It should be quickly since a lot of people live from hand to mouth, or it should be as soon as possible so people lean how to plan.

I know that I may seem one-sided when it comes to this government but I truly believe that this government is not for the people only for some people. I want security and to know that we are protected but I believe that this has to be done with realised expectation and not by putting us in more danger by risking people waking off the job because they no longer believe that working for the Government is the best job in the Country. Bought to you by EJADA

EJADA will be bringing you EJADAs Closet


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