This is my opinion only and I need you to think, Is the President trying to take away Black History Month by keeping your mind on the border Wall and worrying about another shut down in February.Hummmmmmmm! We need to celebrate our heritage and remember why we have a voice exercise your vote.

I have been so busy with the news which is where he wants our mind so we do not celebrate our history don’t let him do it, file your taxes now! Watch the NEWS this Country is going down the rabbit hole and you need to know what is happening so be sure to celebrate and remember where came from and where we can go, even though your President keep trying to make Democrats sound intelligent,and most of them are the ones that will lose their pay checks.

The 13th Amend ment abolished slavery and that is why I love Abraham Lincoln, but pay attention to the racist that is leading this Country. This Country has already changed so much since he has been in the White House that even the Statue of Liberty no longer means ideas it gave to people Statue of Liberty

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