Question Of Integrity

As a small company or single person what do you when a person at a large company does not live up to their word to you?

I was paying for the patent and for the company to get my invention in front of potential developers, after being told that I could make a split payment to get caught up since the back surgeries in 2017 I need more help in the house, which means more money is paid to someone for help and needed to split my January payment.

She agreed to this but when it came time to pay there was no answer from her. I called to make my payment and got no answer and I called again and got no answer, I called a third time got no answer even though I left messages, and emailed her. I called her the next day and got no answer and left messages again and got no answer; does that mean they found it profitable to cut me out, hummm. 

I called the next two days and emailed because I am now in a panic because I have already invested in to what can so easily be stolen from me since I do not have my idea patented yet. Should I report her to the BBB, or should I report the company as a whole?

When you deal with daily mild to extreme pain you do not have the option of employment which is why this is so important to me.

How do I protect myself since I do not have the kind of cash needed to get my idea patented, what do I do next?  I saw Steve Harvey recommend this company for helping people with their ideas and I thought I was on my way but again…..

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