Facebook Hacking

Be caution because this is a new round of hacking and scam going on attached to Facebook, they actually say that Facebook is giving away this money :DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT’

This is not someone else story this is my friend’s story which effected me. I got an instant message from my friend that took care and helped me after three back surgeries and for the first 8 months when I could barely get around, so I trusted that the message was legit, after all it was from a close friend in the same area that I lived in; how would a hacker know that?

Well it gets worst I had been hurting pretty bad for days and I was horizontal, I clicked on the message and that is when my trouble started, next thing I knew two days later I couldn’t get into my own Facebook account, and they were constantly contacting me by phone telling me that they had winnings for me, then you now what came next they wanted me to send money, well hell I am not stupid. I told them I was reporting them to Facebook, and yet they still text me. I told them I was reporting them to the FBI and they never texted again. I tried to go the number back and you know what the number was no longer in service in less than five minutes the number was gone.


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