Ding Ding Ding

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I don’t know if it is just me or does the news travel in threes just like a lot of other things in life I have been told.

First you have R. Kelly Do you women turn a blind eye as long as the money flows or are you really that much in loveeeeeeeeeeeee? There is no love that strong to me, but forgive me ladies but how did you get close enough as a child?, did your mother take you to him.R. Kelly

But then have someone like Jussie Smollett who’s voice is good but maybe not good enough to get the attention he wants so let’s add a little fake publicity and get everyone to talking now and not years from now on a mini series. SHAME if it is true because people have a hard enoough time.

Remember I said it comes in threes, time to reach back into the time machine and bring Michael Jackson into the spot light. What ever he did or did not do when he was alive is over. As long as the money was flowing the children were allowed to spend time with him and even after stories surfaced factual or not children were still bought to Neverland and now here it is ten years later and Michael Jackson Estate 

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