Good Morning

I have been horizontal for days due to the surgery that makes it hard for me to sit or stand, but my spirits are never going to be taken away, I get a little down but tomorrow is not here yet so I wait for that day to see what I can do.

I have a question to ask everyone that read this are you ready to hear the latest, well here it go. The doctor that operated on my back saw me for the first time since 12/2017, he tried to shake my hand he said you must really be angry you won’t even shake my hand, I didn’t know a person had to be angry not to shake a person hand but come to think of it I was. He was correct.

I was asked to go and see him and I reluctantly did, and you know what he wants to do he wants to cut into my back again. I can barely get around and he thinks I should just go on his word and let him hack away the rest of my movement. Now I think I need about three or four more people to say that is the only option I have at this point and the last time I checked none of their names was Dr. Jesus, so I am just going to pray on this one unlike in September 2017 when I trusted the doctor.

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