Wake Up With Brinder

This morning the news is too close to my house, the neighborhood park was full of people enjoying the day and the puppies were stretching their legs too. Then along came the devil to interrupt the harmony as usual. He stood and decided things are going just a little too well there are too many … Continue reading Wake Up With Brinder

EJADA Brings News To You

Ding! Ding! Ding!  Now men this one is especially for you; watch how you treat these women, and especially men of God. Every city has one that just a few miles outside of the main city, well Collierville, Tenn is just outside of Memphis, TN where people felt a little more safer than Memphis until … Continue reading EJADA Brings News To You

Lawn and Garden by EJADA

 I am excited to present products for your lawn and garden so let's leave your neighbors in awe with Merchandise from EJADA. Shop EJADA Lawn and Garden for Unique Products. Let's get started with this CELESTIAL GLOW-IN-DARK STEPPING STONE item #39697 , Bring the stars and moon to your lawn every night with this Celestial … Continue reading Lawn and Garden by EJADA

In My Opinion

Bought to you by EJADA Can someone tell me how can controlling the amount of people trying to enter this Country be achieved by releasing a large amount of people into this Country into what is called sanctuary cities be the answer. Release The Government should have an amount that they allow each year to apply to … Continue reading In My Opinion

In The News

Bought to you by EJADA I tried to stay away from the news today but then I remembered this story and I had to look it up to warn women that the police are getting foolish in my opinnion  Baby go Potty

The Turtles Are Coming!

This story was so much fun I had to post it again, it is better than the news in Memphis or listening to the President. Try not to laugh I am serious don't laugh, "Destroy everyone with turtles" When I found this story I thought this has got to be a joke or fake news … Continue reading The Turtles Are Coming!

Save 33% Find Out How

EJADA has a new program that will work for anyone whether you are seasoned sales person or a beginner looking to supplement your income. Our proven products will take you to the highest level you want to succeed; it is all up to you. We provide you with everything you need to know to make … Continue reading Save 33% Find Out How

Chime Up Your Life

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Spring Forward With EJADA

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