Lawn and Garden by EJADA

 I am excited to present products for your lawn and garden so let's leave your neighbors in awe with Merchandise from EJADA. Shop EJADA Lawn and Garden for Unique Products. Let's get started with this CELESTIAL GLOW-IN-DARK STEPPING STONE item #39697 , Bring the stars and moon to your lawn every night with this Celestial … Continue reading Lawn and Garden by EJADA

Save 33% Find Out How

EJADA has a new program that will work for anyone whether you are seasoned sales person or a beginner looking to supplement your income. Our proven products will take you to the highest level you want to succeed; it is all up to you. We provide you with everything you need to know to make … Continue reading Save 33% Find Out How

In The News

I have to go back to the news in Memphis and bring you this story, if you have children that need to be picked up from school you know how important it is to get there on time, well in this story this man didn't want to let the children down, nevermind the car was … Continue reading In The News