Good Morning

I have been horizontal for days due to the surgery that makes it hard for me to sit or stand, but my spirits are never going to be taken away, I get a little down but tomorrow is not here yet so I wait for that day to see what I can do. I have … Continue reading Good Morning

Reality Setting In

Bought to you by EJADA Specialty Merchandise We read and listen to other people stories but sometimes we need to check inward and ask ourself the hard questions, Why do we stay? Why do we stay with him or her?, why do we stay on that job we hate?, why do we stay in that neighborhood … Continue reading Reality Setting In

Ding Ding Ding

Bought to you by: EJADA Specialty Merchandise I don't know if it is just me or does the news travel in threes just like a lot of other things in life I have been told. First you have R. Kelly Do you women turn a blind eye as long as the money flows or are you … Continue reading Ding Ding Ding

Facebook Hacking

Be caution because this is a new round of hacking and scam going on attached to Facebook, they actually say that Facebook is giving away this money :DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT' This is not someone else story this is my friend's story which effected me. I got an instant message from my friend that took … Continue reading Facebook Hacking

In the News

Bought to you by: EJADA I found it I have been wondering where NutBush was and this morning I found it; it is in Memphis. I should have known only in North Memphis. You would have to know Tina Turner song to know what I mean about NutBush. Fire in NutBush Meth House or Not

In the News

The next time someone say I want to go to Burger King think of this story and take them very serious. ( A grandfather is facing charges for threatening to seriously injure and kill his own grandson after a fight about going to Burger King, according to Memphis Police.) I got my knife I don't … Continue reading In the News


I often laugh at the drivers in Memphis because they can not drive, they can not drive on the expressway, they can not drive in fog, they can not drive in rain but when you have an accident and the help coming for you can not drive now we have a problem. I am on … Continue reading DING DING DING